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We have to await an analysis of the result of the Irish referendum in order to understand the reasons for the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. They will no doubt include:

  • the incomprehensibility of the treaty
  • lack of confidence in the (Irish) political class
  • belief that would affect Irish neutrality
  • belief that would lead to abortion being legalized
  • belief that Ireland would be forced to change its tax regime
  • fear of losing sovereignty

A switch of 54 165 votes from NO to YES would have changed the result.

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  1. Treaties are incomprehensible by default. It’s EU’s responsibility on the one hand, and the Irish gov’s on the other to explain the treaty in simplified form. To my mind, there’s the typical communication deficit between EU and its citizen that should be blamed.

  2. The Treaty should be amended to an immediate membership for those who reject the treaty in the European Economic Area. The Swiss and the Norwegians are also fine with the directives and their passports, and they do not have to bother about representation in the Parliament, Council and Commission, and can have as neutral armies as they want. (Although Norway is a great NATO ally)

  3. In my opinion, not Irish is not the problem, should continue even more powerful. We only recently that we have waged a war we know what peace means. Therefore the EU has no alternative.

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