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Ending the Cuban Revolution

Thanks largely to US policy, the Castro régime is still in power after 50 years. Barack Obama has a special opportunity to end it peacefully. He is free to reverse American policy as he has no political debts that would prevent him from so doing: the Cuban exile community did not back Obama.
The new president should:
• repeal the law Cuban-Americans from visiting their families only once every three years
• repeal the law limiting Cuban-American remittances to $300 every four months
• close Guantanamo base and return the land to Cuba as it has no economic or strategic value to the US
• dismantle the embargo on trade and travel to Cuba
He will, of course, need the support of Congress but he should be encouraged to seek it.
Such a policy will surely kill the régime with kindness.
(This post is inspired by a column just syndicated by Gwynne Dyer)

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