Thatcher: the political case for EC membership

Posted by Stanley Crossick on 08/12/09
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Margaret Thatcher, speaking in the British House of Commons on 8 April 1975, during the referendum debate on EC membership:

“First, the case for being in the Common Market. I believe, with a number of hon. Members who spoke yesterday, that the paramount case for being in is the political case for peace and security. It is taken for granted now that Western Europe, which has been the centre of troubles within our lifetime, will not embark again upon its own destruction. I think that we should not too readily take that for granted but for the tremendous efforts and constructive purpose which have led to those nations working together in the Common Market.

One of the measures of the success of the Community that we now take for granted is essentially security. I think that security is a matter not only of defence but of working together in peacetime on economic issues which concern us and of working closely together on trade, work and other social matters which affect all our peoples. The more closely we work together in that way, the better our security will be from the viewpoint of the future of our children.”

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  1. Ron
    Comment by Ron | 2010/05/21 at 00:37:48

    Beware an ‘American Style’ Federalized EU
    A Warning From South Carolina To Europe: Say No to EU Elite Plans for a Federalized Union

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