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Brussels, February 2008




Rats make leaders and are fair in their dealings with others and expect the same from others in return. The Year of the Rat is a time for hard work, activity and renewal. The Earth Rat adds solidity.


All these characteristics are needed if
China is going to maintain her remarkable economic progress, but at the same time ensure scientific development and the building of a harmonious society at home, particularly in the light of a possible world economic recession. It is essential that the PRC and the EU play leadership roles in seeking to create a harmonious & participatory society, globally as well as nationally.


Today’s main problems are world problems: from AIDS to terrorism, from climate change to water, from poverty eradication to nuclear proliferation. They can only be solved within a multilateral framework. We all look forward to a great Olympic Games.


We share the concept of ‘mutuality’, enshrined in the thinking of both Confucius and Jean Monnet, who represent the best spirit of their respective civilisations. Both believe in a peaceful, orderly and righteous human society. Confucius devoted his life-long teaching to this belief, whereas Monnet laboured to invent a working model that realised his ideal..I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year. Warmest personal regards


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