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Emotional Brits

The British “love Europe in secret. They can admit it in private, but not in public” said Reijo Kemppinen, the EU Commission’s representative in London, in an interview published today in El Pais. The article notes that Britain is “probably the most eurosceptic member of the EU”, and that Kemppinen’s job is “potentially one of the most unwelcome tasks on Earth.”

Kempinnen claims that, contrary to what most people say, the English are actually more emotional than pragmatic. The article then notes that because of this, the Commission felt obliged to buy an entire building for its London offices, because renting in a block with other tenants would have meant they wouldn’t have been able to fly the European flag, “in case this hurt the feelings of other tenants,” suggests Kemppinen. The new offices will be housed in the old Conservative Party headquarters.

I would welcome being introduced to these British euro-lovers, as I’m obviously mixing in the wrong circles when I go to the UK. Can anyone help?

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