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Alain Lamasourre (in his comment of) came up with a great idea for the appointment of the President of the European Council, which is expected to be decided during the French Presidency (July to December 2008).

In a nutshell:

  • Candidates are invited to declare themselves publicly.
  • Each candidate has a televised hearing before the European Council, giving her/him the opportunity to state how she/he conceives the role and the relationship with the Commission President and Foreign Policy Chief.
  • The European Council decides by qualified majority vote.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Secrecy is eliminated.
  • The public can easily relate to this process, which the media will certainly feature.
  • The winning candidate should have greater legitimacy
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  1. Great idea. Its simple, and still provides public scrutiny.

    I guess every candidate would also need a government to “sponsor” him.

  2. Interesting thought. Would be a lot better if there were some time between announcement/public hearing, and the vote. Newspapers would start writing about it, pollsters could take polls… We might actually get an idea of who the public would want as a president.

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