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Protectionist winds (2)

Today’s ‘Informal European Policy Dialogue on China’ (co-chaired by Elmar Brok and Glyn Ford) echoed the contents of yesterday’s post. Trade tensions were discussed in the light of today’s economic downturn. Both the European and Chinese participants agreed that there is a growth in protectionist sentiment in the EU and China, with action likely to… » read more

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“Barroso protectionism alert” is today’s Financial Times headline. Also on the front page is a report under the title “US anger at award of defence contract to EADS”. Commission President José Manuel Barroso warns that protectionist pressures are increasing across Europe, even among forces traditionally committed to free markets. Fears of growing protectionist sentiment in… » read more

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I want a referendum (2)

I underestimated the British ‘‘I Want a Referendum’ campaign in my post of 26 February. The claim is that, in the selected parliamentary constituencies, 88% of those who voted in an unofficial poll favoured a referendum. A PR victory but a Pyrrhic one. There was an intensive ‘Yes’ campaign but the ‘Noes’ weren’t active. As… » read more

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