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I do not recall a political issue in which the misperceptions were so diametrically opposed. Even allowing for deliberate ‘misunderstandings’ inside China and in the West, The Chinese and Westerners see Tibet and the Dalai Lama totally differently. This makes finding a solution that much more difficult.

Every effort must be made to diffuse the current situation, which is in no-one’s long term interests – and that includes Tibet, China and the West.

In 10 days or so, José Manuel Barrroso leads the largest team of Commissioners so far asssembled, on a visit to Beijing to launch the new EU-China strategic economic and trade dialogue. This is a timely moment for the EU to play a leadership role when talking to the Hu Hintao and wen Jiabao.

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  1. Hello

    pls check the latest edition of the german magazine “der spiegel” – ms.angela merkel said in a talk, she will meet the dalai lama again, which woud be indeed very courgous.. the president of the “german bundestag”(the german parliament) invited his hollines for a most likely meeting in berlin. he is now under heavy pressure from chinese official – he had a long “conversation” with the chinese ambassador in Berlin.
    do you think there is a possibility to get further information or even specific details conc these strategic and economic dialog by the eu-delegation in beijing later this month?
    thanks – werner h. fischer – helsinki
    tashi delek for all tibetans – you have my full support and solidarity!

  2. Mr.Barroso and his delegation arrived already for this eu-china summit – according to – do you have any further details – what are the main issues thet intend to talk? human rights violations in tibet and china – do you think – mr.barrose will urge the chinese to be ready for a meeting with HH the dalai-lama

  3. FT announces Free Tibet 2008 Television
    Posted August 11, 2008 at 5:43 PM

    Students for a Free Tibet has a new online video channel broadcasting from London throughout the worldwide uprising for Tibetan freedom during the Beijing Olympics: Free Tibet 2008 Television, or FT08.TV.

    With all the Olympic actions for Tibet taking place and particularly the incredible success of the ‘opening’ banner action outside Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ stadium on Aug. 6th and subsequent media storm here in the UK, it took some time to get FT08.TV ready for prime time.

    But with the dedicated help of lots of people, SFT’s new video channel is up and running, and filled with lots of must-see on-demand content, including inspiring Tibet activist video-profiles, action reports, video-blogs, and more.

    We’re also airing a nightly Windhorse Report live from London with SFT leaders Tenzin Dorjee and Han Shan – a roundup of reports from Beijing and around the world during the Olympics, with breaking news about protests, call-in interviews with news-making activists, episodes of SFT-TV (the efforts of SFT’s global grassroots), and info and analysis about the situation on the ground in Tibet.

    There will be more and more compelling content to watch every day and we’ll be improving the channel/website as we go (after all, this is but one small facet of our Olympic efforts right now). But please come check it out: surf around the many videos on the channel, or watch the stream (click on “Streaming Now” in the upper left-hand corner). Last but not least, you’re invited to submit video… check out the channel for more on what we’re looking for.

    Please help spread the word about FT08.TV– join the facebook group, blog about it, embed the videos, spam your address book – and of course, keep watching.

    And don’t forget to visit SFT’s Olympics Campaign website: and SFT’s blog: for more news and analysis from the frontlines of the current global effort to make Olympic history for Tibet.

    Note: many thanks to Nathan Dorjee, Shannon Service, Andi Mignolo, Alex Fountain, Thupten Nyima, Kala Mendoza, and many others for helping to make FT08.TV happen at this critical time.
    5:32 PM

    Go on your facebook, etc to announce After go on “social justice” websites like “” (check it out) to announce Also check out blogs discussing Tibet issue’s and post the official ft08 announcement.

    Check out recent news articles on Tibet. Usually they have “comment” sections, post the ft08 annoucement.

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