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Even with the new Lisbon Treaty, a European Council President and a more powerful High Representative for foreign policy, there is little hope of forging a common foreign policy while Member States leaders fail to coordinate their positions, even on such relatively unimportant issues as meeting the Dalai Lama or attending the opening ceremony of the Games.

Angela Merkel has met him at the Chancellery. Gordon Brown will meet him but not in government offices. Nicolas Sarkozy will ???

Angela Merkel will not attend the Games. Gordon Brown will attend the closing ceremony. Nicolas Sarkozy will ???

This enables China to punish and reward as it chooses. It also reveals the weakness of the EU’s external policy. And yet, by all standing together and making common decisions, our voice would be influential and no-one could ‘divide and rule’ us.

This is obvious to everyone – except it seems – to our leaders.

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  1. I am just wondering, wheter a citizen based campaing could be more powerful, than political ones. How about the visitors of the olimpics, and their rights? And how about politicians, who will attend to the events, but from there with their freedom of press, support Tibet, and raise voice against China?
    But for me the question is, that what do we require from the government of China?
    To cancel it’s actions? To sit and negotiate with the Dalaian Lama?
    I think, people in China need help to understand, that people all over the world are against their political leaders practice, and theirs. If we could communicate this with a positive and friendly manner, it could create success by citizen participation. Just like an old Chinese saying: “The key of the game is friendship”

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