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France talks to Hamas

Le Figaro reports that around a month ago, a retired high-level French diplomat met with the main representatives of Hamas, and only later informed the French foreign ministry. It’s hard to believe that a recently retired ambassador would not have informally cleared this with the Elysée or Quai d’Orsay. The piece also notes that Nicolas Sarkozy has suggested he may be willing to open some kind of dialogue.

Yet again, the EU does not get its foreign policy act together. The EU, following the US, brand Hamas as a terrorist organisation with whom there must be no contact. By not accepting the results of a democratically elected Palestinian government, we have played into the hands of the extremists. We have also exposed our own hypocrisy: we encourage democratic elections but choose to ignore results which do not suit us. Dealing with a Palestinian minister qua minister is not dealing with Hamas.

The irony is, however, that Israel has informal contacts with Hamas.

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