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Commission Vice-President Margot Wallström, writing in Le Monde and later in the Financial Times, points out that everyone is busy handicapping their different nominees, based on experience, political affiliation, nationality, whether they come from small or big countries, south, north, east, west, inside the euro zone of not, “but they are all male.”

Mrs Wallström believes that the reason that no women have been mentioned is simple: “It has nothing to do with women’s supposed lack of ambition, interest or aptitude. It is largely the result of a habit men have picked up. Men pick men.”

The Vice-President offers a number of competent women:
• Dora Bakoyannis (Greek Foreign Minister)
• Margaret Beckett (former British Foreign Minister)
• Emma Bonino (former Italian Trade Minister and Commissioner)
• Tarja Halonen (former Finnish President)
• Ursula Plassnik (Austrian Foreign Minister)
• Mary Robinson (former Irish President)
• Vaira Vike-Freiberga (former Latvian President)
and of course
• Angela Merkel, who would be the first European Council President if she wanted the job
not forgetting…
• Margot Wallström.

She makes a valid point.

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