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The paradox continues. A large majority of EU citizens, according to opinion polls, want Europe to speak with a single external political voice. The distinction between internal and external has become blurred: almost all domestic challenges cannot be resolved at Member State level. And yet, the Union does not speak with one voice even on issues such as attending the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, let alone on Sarajevo.

The reason for this, as previously stated, is the egotism of Member State leaders. Foreign policy and climate change are two policy areas in which strong EU leadership would have considerable influence and public support.

We need a crescendo of voices calling for this, starting with the European Parliament, supported by the Economic & Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and civil society.

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  1. Hello Crossick,
    thanks for this post, I would like to have written it on my blog. I just adressed today the question on whether there should be ambassies within EU member states, after I met France’s ambassador in Germany yesterday.

    Well, his answer is that, since national interests still exist and are strong, embassies are as needed as before.
    Thanks for your blog, I like reading it!
    Marc Foglia

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