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We are probably going to have to wait until just before the Democratic National Convention before we know the identity of Barack Obama’s running mate. For Obama it is a question of whom he will work with; for many it is who may succeed him.

The nominee must both be a vote-winner and compatible to work with. He would be most unwise to choose Hillary Clinton because of the second requirement (not forgetting Bill) and also because it would put into question Obama as the candidate for change. He now has her unconditional support. This could be backed up by perhaps Clinton staff joining the Obama campaign team, Hillary being promised a role in the next Administration, and Clinton supporters, such as Stu Eizenstat, joining the Cabinet.

Let’s hope that we quickly have a new, well qualified US Ambassador to the European Union — now a very important job.

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  1. Stanley,

    This may sound a bit strange, but calling something ‘Democrat’ in the grammatical context like you are doing is actually a point of contention in American politics. It should read ‘the Democratic’ or ‘the Democrats” convention.

    I am banking on being surprised by Obama’s pick. He makes his own decisions and does not listen much to endless media speculation.

  2. “[Obama] makes his own decisions and does not listen much to endless media speculation.”

    Give us a break. Obama is as slick a politician as they came.

    Reverand Wright’s vile message was a-ok by him for 20 YEARS; his hate-filled sermons were a-ok when they were outed by attentive bloggers… YET, when Obama’s numbers took a hit because of Wright, all of a sudden Obama found the comments offensive.

    For all this talk of change, Obama looks, feels, tastes, smells like the same-old-same-old politician.

    How anyone can vote for a man who sat through 2 DECADES of Wright, a man who allowed that monster to baptize his daughter – is beyond me.

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