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Much is being written about ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. It might be useful to summarise the current position.

The premise upon which it is believed possible that the Irish can be asked to vote a second time early next year is that the other 26 Member States will have ratified the Lisbon Treaty.

There are currently three question marks: Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

The President has unsurprisingly stated that he will not sign the ratification instrument until the Constitutional Court has cleared the new treaty – which it is expected to do later this year.

Czech Republic
The Constitutional Court will rule later this year. As yet, there is not a clear parliamentary majority in favour and the vociferous presidential voice of Vaclav Klaus is against, but a possible deal is envisaged under which the treaty and the US anti-missile installation will be agreed at the same time.

Parliament has approved. President Lech Kaczynski now says that he will sign if the Irish are on board.

Thus, what happens in the Czech Republic could well be the key to a solution.

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  1. Stanley,

    as I pointed out already, I would not expect Germany’s Constitutional Court to unconditionally clear the Lisbon treaty given Peter Gauweiler’s case.

    It is high time the EU but especially the national government representatives sent to the EU remember their democratic origin and tradition, otherwise they will terribly fail – a central EU power without democratic representation of the peoples and proper separation of powers against the will of the European peoples is doomed to failure – even if “enforced” by trickery it will break up the Union sooner or later.

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