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Russia, Georgia and NATO

My post of 5 September, ‘Russia: it’s time to be realistic’, concluded that unless Russia’s legitimate grievances are met, the EU will not progress beyond issuing consensual but ineffective declarations. And this means Georgia and Ukraine not becoming full members of NATO, and no US anti-missile bases being sited in the EU.

The US House of Representatives hearing on 9 September, on the aftermath of the Georgia crisis, was encouraging as current US policy towards Russia was challenged, including US promises as to Georgia’s membership of NATO. Hillary Clinton was opposed to isolating Russia over Georgia. The doubts expressed echo the concerns of Germany and other EU Member States. There was even some resistance to giving $1 billion aid for reconstruction, to a country which had ignored Washington’s advice.

This suggests that, assuming the Democrats retain control of Congress, Georgia and Ukraine will not become full members of NATO in the foreseeable future.

This leaves the question if the anti-missile sites, which was not addressed at the hearing. Is it too much to hope that a President Obama will review the project?

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