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Just under one year ago, I began an unknown journey and became a blogger. This, to my astonishment, is my 200th post. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. But have you enjoyed reading them?

I would value all criticisms and suggestions.

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  1. Well, I only started reading your blog about a month ago, but I liked it enought to add it to my reader, so your doing something right!

    Nothing really to tell you. Keep posting, and I’ll keep reading. You’re a good source of infomation.

    Remember that the number of feeds signed-up *IS* your feedback, and remember also – its like wine, improves with age. 😀

  2. Dear Stanley,

    Since your first post on Blogactiv, I have been impressed by your qualities as a blogger. I mean the ability to write on a regular basis short incisive post about a very technical topic.
    Maybe one suggestion: If I were you, I would insert some pictures inside the posts… Indeed, pictures have a great power and this is the first thing that catchs the eye.
    But a the end, it’s perfect. keep going and keep blogging!

  3. Stanley, as you can imagine, I’ve been reading your work since it began 😉

    It was always good reading, but as a whole it’s improved a lot, in that your posts have reduced in length and increased in frequency.

    How could it be improved further? Ideas include:
    1) when you refer to something, link to it. People read your posts because you know what you’re talking about. But they may not have the same back-knowledge as you, so providing links provides them with the background which you take for granted.

    Note: there’s a little, user-friendly tool called ‘PressIt’ which you can install in your browser, so that whenever you read something on the web (say, a newspaper article), you can be writing a post on it with one click, with a link back to the article automatically created.

    2) React to other people’s blogs, and thus have more of a two-way conversation on the issues. Two methods:
    – either post your reaction here, including a link to the post you’re reacting to;
    – or just comment on their blog.

    Ideally, do both: i.e., post on your blog (linking to theirs), and comment on their blog (linking to your post). But then, only if you have the time. 😉

    All the best,


  4. dear stanley crossick,

    thank you so much for you watch dog and guardian angel role. you are right, we the european citizens got to take over the responsibility for our outstanding continent, we have to make us heared, we´ve got to speak out loudly, we must participate in our own europe, shortly said we must run democracy our own ways. but have you seen the analysis on the young voters in austria last week? 34% desire a strong man, alleviating them from the “burden” to choose and to select., to “guide” them (this term have we already had once). thus the voters from 16 to 18 voted nearby 50% , and the sample from 16-24 voted 40% for the two right winged parties. Is that what we will have to face all over europe? do you have any suggestion how to counterfight this trend?

    thanks for the next 200 posts
    johannes w. pichler

  5. Thanks for the comments
    I will – when I can work it out how – introduce Photos and more links

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