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  • Gordon Brown – Extraordinary success in influencing Euro and American leaders
  • Nicolas Sarkozy – Successfully drove EU leaders to agree EU package
  • Manuel José Barroso – Sarkozy seems to have changed attitude towards him. Invited to Camp David with Sarkozy
  • Dominique Strauss-Kah – His stark warning influenced EU leaders
  • Jean-Claude Trichet – Showed responsibility and good communication skills
  • Jean-Claude Juncker – Sound, wise, low-key
  • Barack Obama – Trusted in crisis, steady and seen as responsible

En baisse

  • Alan Greenspan – History being rewritten
  • George W Bush – Irrelevant
  • Peer Steinbrück – Prematurely over-confident
  • Angela Merkel – Lost leadership role and reluctant follower
  • John McCain – Out of his depth

A suivre

  • Henry Paulson – Was Lehman Brothers disastrous decision? Has had to revise $700 package

En panne

  • Bankers
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  1. I like it Stanley. I’d like to add though that if John McCain seems to be out of his depth, then Sarah Palin seems to be not allowed near the water!

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