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Good news is no news

Waiting to see Robert Madelin, Director-General SANCO, I looked at the Annual Report of Better Training for safer Food, a SANCO initiative.

European consumers need to be protected against unsafe food. Effective food safety controls are vital to ensure the highest standards of consumer protection.

It is vital that control personnel responsible for ensuring the safety of food and feed and the health and welfare of animals and plants in the and its trading partners remain up to date with the relevant EU standards. Appropriate training is a key factor in this.

Places on EU-based training courses are allocated to third country participants, and programmes are organised specifically for third and particular developing countries so as to familiarise them with EU resquirements. This is vital for helping such countries to access the EU market for their products.

This is one of many SANCO initiatives.

But it’s boring to read about, hence only specialist press coverage. But then, ‘Good new is no news’

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  1. Perhaps stuff like this only gets specialist press coverage, but the press is now not the only channel. In fact, it’s not even the most trusted one – people tend to trust their friends and other “people like me” more than anyone else, including the media.

    So what if the people in each EU project told their social networks (online and offline) how, in their area, the EU is adding value in practical, useful ways?

    As a way of making EU achievements and raison d’etre real to more people in areas they know about, it probably beats advertising and brochureware websites, particularly with more and more people forming their opinions via online communities than from the classical media.

    More on this here.

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