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Set out below are extracts from the Israeli IDF (military) update of 13 January:

The main objectives of the IDF operation in the Gaza strip are:

  • To bring about conditions for the creation of a better security situation in southern Israel-namely, the long-term cessation of rocket and mortar fire and all terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip.
  • To advance the achievements of the aerial campaign by taking control of the launch areas, continuing to attack Hamas targets, and preventing the continued strengthening of Hamas.

As to the ground offensive:

  • Ground forces are deployed according to plan in the Southern Gaza Strip and prepared for further combat.
  • The IDF continues to weaken Hamas and has taken hundreds of Hamas prisoners.
  • During today’s operations, an IDF force uncovered a tunnel aimed to assist terrorists to enter Israel and carry out a large scale terror attack. The entrance to the tunnel was in a house located 300 meters from the fence.
  • IDF forces from the Givati and Paratroop brigades uncovered weapons stores in tunnels, which were destroyed.
  • The IDF has mobilized additional reserve troops and remains prepared for any eventuality.

Since Dec. 27th, 3 Israeli civilians were killed and approximately 255 were wounded (including 7 severely wounded).

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  1. I do not really understand what you are trying to convey by merely listing IDF objectives in the way you do, without any comment or interpretation.

    Is what the Israeli military say really representative of ‘an Israeli standpoint’ ? It may indeed represent what the Israeli Government would prefer the world to believe about their war on Gaza.

    Had the Israeli public been permitted unbiased coverage in their media of the appalling level of killing of civilians and destruction of infrastructure they might better understand why there has been such a huge outcry around the world against the actions of the IDF.

    Had they been told the facts about the IDF’s seige of Gaza, and its targetted killings of Hamas leaders who had won a free vote in an election in 2006, they might understand what it was that provoked the rocket attacks.

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