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Democracy at its best

Most European comment about the United States during the last eight years has been critical, but what a pleasure it was to watch yesterday’s Inauguration of Barrack Obama.

On display was participatory democracy at its best, with a crowd of several times the population of Washington DC, braving below zero weather for many hours.

The sober speech of the new President contained the statement, “We are ready to lead once more.” This is welcome because Europe had a great opportunity to show leadership but failed to use it, our national leaders putting their egos before pooling the strengths of the Member States.

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  1. I listened the speech of President of USA and also understand the USA intents to start again to be No.1.

    I am from Romania, part of Europe and I do not consider that Europe must fight with USA for No.1. There are enough No.1s places in democracy, in freedom all over the world.

    In respect with economy there is no possibility only to state your position on the market, in fact the clients decide about your position, so again there in no fight between USA and Europe for No1 on economy.

    In conclusion, fighting for No.1 is a choice/ statement that comes from the leaders and accepted/ take into actions by the citizens. If Europe is not aliened with USA is probably lack of clear statements from our leaders and lack of coherent actions taken by european citizens.

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