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Quality Commission needed

The current college has proven disappointing. It has not been helped by a President who has been so concerned about his personal image and reappointment.

Echoes of some Member States ideas for their next Commissioner are worrying.

The current treaties lay down the following procedure:

Member States propose their Commissioners.

  • The Council, by qualified majority and by common accord with its President-designate, agrees the composition of the new college.
  • The President and the college are approved by Parliament.

Parliament holds the key to appointing a strong Commission. It should make clear to both the President-designate and the Council that this will be taken into account when it votes. If Barroso is reappointed; hopefully he will regard himself as sufficiently independent to insist on a strong Commission.

A resolution by the existing Parliament should be encouraged.

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  1. I would prefer a real reformer as Commission-President from the center as MEP Van Buitenen. Barroso hasn’t achieved anything to overcome the democratic deficit. His policy style is incompatible with an open society.

    Further I think it is inevitable that the next Internal Market Commissioner will be a social democrat to counterbalance the bias Bolkestein and McCreevy institutionalised that did not meet Parliament consensus.

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