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I have hitherto refrained from commenting on the ‘Bishop Richard Williamson affair’, but the resignation from the CDU of Werner Münch, former Saxe-Anhalt minister-president, accusing Angela Merkel of humiliating the Pope, cannot pass without comment.

The Vatican has the right to decided that unity of the Catholic church came before reversing the decision to readmit Bishop Williamson to the church.

However, the bishop chose to deny the Holocaust and the very existence of gas chambers in an interview to a Swedish newspaper, when he was on German soil. Holocaust denial is a crime in the Federal Republic.

The German judicial authorities are considering whether to issue a European arrest warrant against Williamson. Angela Merkel, as Chancellor, has the right – even perhaps the duty, to ask Pope Benedict XVI for an explanation, whatever her religion.

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  1. I am in shock that this guys really thinks that the Holocaust did not exsist, nor did the gas chambers. Give me a break so then you think all the pictures are made up.

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