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The Conference of European Presidents have decided that three reports on the Lisbon Treaty (Brok, Dehaene and Leinen), adopted by the Constitutional Affairs Committee, would not be put to plenary.

The reason is that a major public debate on arrangements applying the Lisbon Treaty could affect adversely the second Irish referendum.

Parliament has obviously caught the nervous mood of the Irish political leaders. More and more people appear to be standing in the middle of the road, blinded by the oncoming car’s headlights.

Some commonsense and courage are needed.

No-one knows whether a referendum in October stands a better chance of a ‘Yes’ vote than a referendum before the parliamentary elections. So why wait? Let’s get the vote out of the way, whatever the result.

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  1. The Irish public will be cautious about giving the Lisbon Treaty their seal of approval if they don’t see the guarantees to be put in place (remember that polls showing Ireland in favour of the Treaty ask in the context of having guarantees in place). Therefore I think it would be a bad time to hold a referendum if the government can’t point to the guarantees and their text.

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