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Europol (European Police Office) assists the law enforcement authorities of Member States in their fight against organised – an important role. Once again, however, Member State egos come before the interests of EU citizens, which means that Europol, will probably be without a Director when Max-Peter Ratzel retires next month.

Unanimity is required for the nomination of his successor, and Hungary and the UK have both put forward candidates. From 1 January 2010, only a two-thirds majority will be needed but in the meantime the only hope is that the apparently bitter disagreement will be resolved.

Five years ago, there was a nine month delay in appointing the present director, due to France and Germany disagreeing.

This kind of stand-off is not unusual, whether it be over appointments or choice of host country. Not only is such behaviour by Member States unconscionable, but it’s the citizens and the standing of the EU that lose out. But who speaks out against such behaviour?

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