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We have all been told that tomorrows G20++ meeting in London is critically important. As stated in the post of 26 March, there is consensus as to the existence of a global economic and financial crisis, but on little else. Is this surprising? Problems cannot effectively be solved unless they are clearly identified. The breadth and depth of the current crisis is not known. It follows that there is a diversity of views as to solutions.

Major differences in views are to be expected among 27 countries. Nor can a comprehensive solution be agreed at this one meeting. There is one thing that must be achieved. People (including of course the markets) need to have confidence in their leaders eventully to solve the problem. The relevance of the confidence factor should not be underplayed.

So please President Sarkozy, no walk-outs; Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, no foolish attacks on President Barack Obama. Please remember that you carry the future hopes of millions, not just your domestic electorate. Confidence is a critical factor when dealing with economic and particularly financial issues.

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