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Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen considers that late payments by public authorities are “intolerable” and lead to SMEs going bankrupt. How right he is. However, the Commission is one of the worst offenders, with its cumbersome and arcane rules.

The European Ombudsman has opened a new investigation into the timeliness of payments by the Commission. This follows complaints received from companies, associations, NGOs, universities and other organizations. The Ombudsman concluded in July 2008 that in 2007, more than 22 % of all payments made by the Commission involved delays.


From June, MEPs will be entitled to claim expenses for business class plane fares, even short-haul flights. A leader in Die Welt argues that this new, open invitation to fly business class,

“is unacceptable, at a time when many Europeans are fearing for their jobs and are having to tighten their belts. Instead of showing off, MEPs would do better to show some solidarity.”

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  1. Any chance you could link to your sources when posting entries like this? It would make things much easier for the readers – then we would not have to go and do all of the research for ourselves too.

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  2. Jon
    I’ll try to remember to put in more links, but you can usually google your way there, eg the Ombudsman’s website

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  3. Yes, I know how to do it… But the quality of a blog is made or broken on how easy it makes life for its readers. I try to keep an eye on 50 or so blogs about the EU daily, so links to the information (that you had to find to write in the first place!) make things much easier.

    Plus the more outgoing links you have the more likely people will be to link to you, hence you get more traffic too.

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