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EU leadership deficit

We have a surfeit of leaders in the European Union (to borrow a phrase from The Economist’s Charlemagne) but a deficit of leadership. Barack Obama had recently to share the press briefing, following an uninspiring EU-US Summit in Prague on 5 April, with no less than the President of the Commission and the Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic and Sweden, representing the current and next EU presidencies.

The Lisbon Treaty would at least have put an end to this charade, and will hopefully lead to the President of the Union and its foreign minister persuading the 27 Member States to speak more often with a single voice.

This will be a tough task with the United States, bearing in mind Obama’s demands for greater help in Afghanistan, more fiscal stimulus and a serious attitude towards energy security.

So much will depend on the persons appointed President of the Union and foreign minister, and how they work together and with the Commission President.

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  1. Energy security. Isn’t this is a big factor in US policy in Afghanistan – the EU has no common policy on energy.

    Anyway last week the House of Lords discussed the possibility of a pipeline carrying non-Russian gas to Europe. The point was made that there may not be enough gas to fill the proposed Nabucco pipeline, therefore it’s not worth building it.

    Perhaps Iranian gas will fill it? Nevertheless Britain will still be at the end of very long pipelines wherever they come from.

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