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Mutual understanding

In the sixties, when EU-relations were probably at their best, EU Founding Father Jean Monnet proposed the creation of a high level US-EU Committee of Mutual Understanding. Monnet’s argument that this was both side’s most important relationship, that relationships need nurturing, and that you start the nurturing when things are going well, was rejected. Today, Americans and Europeans understand each other less and less.

Our world abounds with problems. Serious – and usually armed – disputes within or between countries exceed one hundred. Globalisation increases, but paradoxically, we do not seem to understand each other any better, and indeed take no great effort to do so. We are not taught its importance. We feel more comfortable and secure in our own views of the world and those living in it.

There follows six blog posts on China, developed at the same time. They are all bound together by the search for greater mutual understanding – something we all need. Communication is central to this. The role of the media and NGOs in society inevitably require consideration.

All comments are intended to be constructive and are not judgmental.

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