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Technically, communication has never been greater or faster than in today’s era of globalisation. But there seems to have been no progress over the last two decades or so in improving the quality of communication.

Effective communication between individuals is a vital element of our everyday lives but we are rarely taught this, or indeed reminded of its importance. How often do we all get into arguments based on misunderstanding and misperception?

Whether we are talking to our spouses or children, or whether we are negotiating with the Iranians on their nuclear programme, there is an absolute rule. We must make every effort to understand how the other persons see the issue and the context in which they see it. And the more the sociological differences between us – whether through personal experience, generation, history, culture, language or education – the more difficult and more important the exercise becomes.

This exercise needs to be approached with an open mind and patience. Above all, life has to be seen, not in terms of black and white, but in shades of gray.

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