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25 down, two to go. With the Irish referendum behind us, the focus is now on Poland and the Czech Republic. Polish President Lech Kaczy?ski will presumably honour his commitment to sign the ratification instrument if the Irish vote in favour. That leaves the irrepressible Czech President, Vaclav Klaus.

I know nothing about Czech constitutional law, but it seems strange that the President can indefinitely block the parliamentary will. It would also be outrageous that one man, from a country making up 2% of the EU population, can thwart the other 26 Member States.

I can’t help feeling, however, that the Czech Constitutional Court may give him an excuse, if it follows the lines of the German Constitutional Court’s judgment. Czech domestic politics could then delay the adoption of the necessary legislation and the process could take us past the next UK general election.

Let’s hope that the real Santa Claus delivers the right Christmas present!

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  1. Current rules state that even if a 0,5% (say Malta, Luxembourg) is against a Treaty, the rest of the EU would have to wait. It is indeed ‘outrageous’, but it’s the rule, and rules are made to be respected. A plausible option would be to change this one, then: ban unanimity forever and for all issues. I would agree on that. Let’s de-dramatise a bit: the EU is a political system, a choice, not a “sacred destiny” – the principle of self-determination should apply internally and those who are not happy should be granted the option to step out and let the others go ahead (the Lisbon Treaty itself has an exit clause – exit Klaus, should we say?)

    Would this solution work for you, Stanley? Thanks for the blog, btw, good piece of daily reading.

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  2. It will pass, no matter what the Czech president wants. They have been leaned on very heavily by the German govt.

    Incidentally one of the first ‘citizens initiatives’ petitions which the treaty promotes is now up and running at Right2bet – it seems that some sections of the European community believe that ‘it’s only a matter of time’.

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