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Happy New Year!

Dear Friend

I wish you and your family a Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year and look forward to a continuing relationship in 2010.

The world appears to be emerging from recession, but there is no assurance that it won’t slip back. And there is very slow process in introducing legislation to reduce the risk of such a financial crisis happening again. In the absence of a global solution, there is a conflict between better regulation and decreased competitiveness. There is also a fear of growing protectionism, which would be a disaster for us all.

Copenhagen was a vivid reminder of the need to reform global governance. What can be expected from a body with 193 vetoes? Sadly, our citizens still need their leaders to make out a case for the pain they will have to suffer for their children’s and grandchildren’s gain.

The situation in the main trouble spots has worsened: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine…

Barack Obama remains a breath of fresh air, but whether he can deliver, in today’s Washington, remains in doubt. We must not lose his “audacity of hope”. Returning to a world of hope from a world of fear is not yet happening. It needs true leadership and a deep commitment and personal sacrifice by us all.

The European Union has at last given birth to the Lisbon Treaty after a very long pregnancy. Whether the baby grows up healthily remains to be seen. It will certainly have serious teething problems.

We need leadership in Europe. Leadership does not mean “I must follow them, I am their leader.” (Bonar Law). “A leader is someone who shows people a way they would not otherwise go along.” (Henry Kissinger)


Stanley Crossick

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  1. Stanley, all the best wishes to you and your family too for a smooth and sound and productive New Year! Jimmy

  2. Happy New Year Stanley and I look forward to continue reading your blog in 2010.

    You have written a very interesting response to the Haas article in the FT.

    I see that, in its turn, it prompted a response by Dr. Mark Corner the following day in the FT.

    What do you make of his comments – do you think Dr Corner has a relevant point?

    John McClintock (in a personal capacity).

  3. Happy new year for you too Stanley!

    Hope this new year will keep you in good shape to show us some new ways of thinking :-). Continu to feed us with refreshing ideas about China!


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