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Chinese New Year Greeting


This last year was an extremely difficult one for all of us. China has performed extraordinarily well economically in the global recession, which has helped see the acceleration of the trend of economic and financial gravity away from the West and to Asia .

Barack Obama entering the White House was perhaps the most exciting event of the year, but his effectiveness of action is seriously curtailed by the political machinations of Washington. Will his “audacity of hope” – the reverse side of Franklin Roosevelt’s “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” – win through?

The Year closed on a sour note, with the Copenhagen climate change conference ending in mutual recrimination.

We now welcome the Year of the Golden Tiger, the symbol of courage. And courageous leadership is badly needed if our children and grandchildren are to live in a world that is sustainable in every sense – employment, climate control, poverty eradication, fighting AIDS, terrorism reduction, nuclear non-proliferation – all global problems solvable only within a multilateral framework. The year begins on our St Valentine’s Day – hopefully a happy portent.

Without the PRC, EU and US acting boldly together, there is no hope of achieving a harmonious & participatory society. And much depends on Beijing. With the 60th anniversary celebrations now a striking memory, China must build on its successes, reassess its international role so as to strengthen its standing and image, and prepare the ground for the fifth generation of leadership in 2012.

On, a personal note, I hope that you will continue to visit my blog.

Wishing you and your family a Happy, Healthy & Successful New Year.

Warmest personal regards
Stanley Crossick

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