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‘Political’ blogging in Europe lags considerably behind the activity in the US. But the positive trend is clear.

Independent bloggers writing about EU policy are nipping at the heels of their big media rivals, according to a survey on the EU’s English-language blogosphere recently carried out by Waggener Edstrom – “Brussels Blogger Study 2010”.

Recent years have seen the emergence of a wide variety of blogs on EU affairs, and even European commissioners have begun to post daily messages on their websites.

A recent study indicates that 60% of Internet users in the EU read or write blogs, listen to podcasts, use Really Simple Syndication (RSS) newsfeeds or take part in online debates.

“Despite the conclusion that the top blogs are affiliated to larger media houses, seven of the top ten most influential blogs are actually independent,” according to the survey.

Stephen Gardner’s ‘The Digger’, ‘Stanley’s Blog’ and Jon Worth’s ‘Euroblog’ all came tantalisingly close to the BBC’s Gavin Hewitt and the Financial Times’ Brussels Blog in a survey that attempted to identify the key influential voices in Brussels policy debates on the Internet.

The Digger, Stanley’s Blog and Jon Worth also attracted more readers’ comments and were cited more in other blogs than the big media blogs, according to the survey’s criteria.

Bloggers were tested for the relevance of their content, the number of unique visitors to their site and their ranking in search engines, as well as their number of followers and mentions on other websites.

The EU’s digital agenda commissioner, Neelie Kroes, was the only commissioner represented in the ranking and came 10th in a list of the 33 most influential bloggers in Brussels, with The Economist’s well-known Charlemagne’s Notebook blog close behind.

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