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A worrying and increasingly bitter debate continues in the United States on whether a mosque should be allowed at Ground Zero. But how widely is it understood that:

• The building is two blocks away from Ground Zero and cannot be seen from there
• The building is not a mosque as we know it, but a communal centre with a prayer room, large theatre, and a swimming pool and basketball courts open to the public
• There will be no minarets but a memorial to the 3 000 who died on 9/11, 300 of whom were Muslims?

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  1. Being in America at the moment, I can tell you it’s worrying indeed. The sheer amount of misinformation flying about is really quite staggering. Oddly enough, an alternative news source had the gumption to point out that when polled, most Americans opposed it, even in New York state, but within New York City, most residents support it. And as you rightly point out, it’s an Islamic community centre, not a mosque.

    The one glimmer of hope I see from all of this is first-hand evidence that younger generations of Americans are substantially more inclusive and open-minded than their elders.

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