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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Stanley Crossick, co-founder of the European Policy Centre and a champion of European integration, died last November. He is sorely missed by family and friends. Stanley’s was a well-respected voice in the EU blogging community, and in 2010 he was rated the 6th most influential EU blogger by Waggener Edstrom. He published his 500th post not long before his death, and amongst the many condolences sent in from friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers, one reads:

“For me he was part of the family of eurobloggers, and although this was just one part of what he was and what he did, I will remember him as one of the founders of the growing euroblogosphere – and I hope others will do so, too.”

As such, a memorial service will be held for Stanley by his family – and readers of his blog are welcome to attend. You are invited to celebrate his life at 18.00 on March 31 at Rue Froissart 109 Brussels. If you plan to attend, please RSVP to

elizabeth [dot] crossick [at] btinternet [dot] com

P.S. For those who cannot attend in person but nonetheless wish to express their feelings, you are welcome to leave a message of condolence here.

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